Breeder Qualifications 
Experience with Doberman Breed.
Involved in dog training clubs and other related organizations. Knowledgeable in many facets of the breed, including that of health issues/defects: researches genetics, when choosing mates.
Keeps good records and know their puppies ancestry. 
Breeds to improve their own dogs, bloodlines and the breed itself.
Breeds only dogs with stable temperaments. Does not breed dogs with genetic defects or which are carriers of defects. 
I Offer a      Health Guarantee.
All dogs on breeding premises are groomed, exercised, healthy and happy. 
I Feed only premium dog food.
I Keep the puppies with their mom and litter mates a minimum of 56 -70 days to ensure sibling socialization and important lessons from pups and their mother. 
Socializes pups by handling them and exposing them to various noises, children and other animals before sending them to their new homes.
No "Z" factor White Genes in bloodlines !!