Within 96 hours, purchaser must take puppy to be examined by a licensed vet at own expense at time of acceptance. If such examination reveals clinical signs of a contagious or infectious disease, or serious congenital defects not otherwise disclosed to purchaser as required. 
     Purchaser must return animal to seller/breeder within 24 - 36 hours to seek medical attention at breeders expense. When returned, such animal must be accompanied with a certificate signed by the examining veterinarian stating examination finding. I guarantee the puppy for 90 days from date of taking possession against Distemper, Parvovirus, Type 2 Parainflrenza, and Adenovirus. If your puppy is found to have contracted any of these within a 90 day period I am to be immediately to be notified.
     I must be contacted within 24 - 36 hours of the diagnosis and provided with a statement from a certified veterinarian. Should this pup/dog be found in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the breeder. Or in worst case your puppy dies, a replacement puppy will be provided as compensation from remaining current littermates or the next available litter. If both options are unavailable a full refund of the puppy purchase will be given. I guarantee for one year from date of acceptance against hereditary or congenital life threatening birth disorders that may interfere with the puppies ability to lead a normal life. No other conditions not stated are honored or covered by this contract.
     There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors and or quality of food and lifestyle such as Allergies, Thyroid Dysfunction, Demodectic Mange (bloodline or stress factors) and other auto immune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.
     Buyer further agrees to maintain the puppy/dog at all times in good health, with periodic check ups, quality food, vitamins, clean water, exercise and human socialization, as well as recommended immunizations for the life of the dog.
     Your puppy will have had vaccinations at 6 ~ 9 ~ 12  weeks of age and wormed every week from 2 ~ 9 weeks, as well as treatment for Coccidia and Giardia at 6 ~ 9 weeks.
     Our lines of communication are always open and encourage to contact throughout the life of the puppy/dog. If at any time that you can not care for your puppy or dog,
he or she will always have a home with us.