Doberman pups are seen as quite versatile, intelligent, and easy to train. The Doberman breed is known to be determined and fearless, but not vicious. This dog breed would make a wonderful family dog because they feel a natural need to be close to the family and its members. They are super affectionate and loyal as well. The Doberman Pinscher is known to be a people oriented dog breed. They are super devoted and will need an owner who is Devoted and watchful, this is a people oriented breed. 
     The Doberman needs an owner who is able to discipline the dog without being scared of him. All family members should learn to handle the dog in the right way. Your new Doberman puppy can be pushy if allowed to have their own way too much.         The Doberman Pinscher is a natural guard dog and should be well socialized as a young puppy so that the dog will not become too over protective of the family. With the proper training implemented at a young age, the Dobie can be a wonderful family dog. Training your new Dobie pup should be with positive reinforcement. Pinschers have many skills, such as a watch dog, guarding, police work, search and rescue, as well as therapy work. A Dobie puppy will need plenty of love 
and a nice sized yard with lots of room to play. 

All of are dogs are groomed, exercised and are healthy and happy. We feed only premium dog food. Puppies are kept with their mom and siblings a minimum of 56-70 days to ensure sibling socialization. Socialize pups by handling them and exposing them to various noises, children and other animals before sending them to new homes. 
Puppies are Veterinarian examined by a Licensed Veterinarian D.V.M. prior to releasing pups to their new family.