All animal must have a reservation, booking before you can ship your puppy or dog.
Bookings should be made no more than three days in advance of shipping date.

I've used   American Airlines Cargo    (1-800-227-4622) 
You can call them to get information on how much the shipping price will be.
     Keep in mind that you have to purchase a crate, See below for details.
     The puppy will have to be taken to a veterinarian, to get a  health certificate, $70.00
     Gas to and from the airport $75.00.

Your puppy must be at least 8 weeks of age, before the pup can be shipped.
The best time to ship a puppy is at 12 weeks of age. And at that time they are weaned and they are a lot stronger, healthier,  more independent, and can withstand the demands of travel.
The shipping crate must meet standards, for the size of the puppy,  see chart below.
Create must be marked with shippers Name, Address and Phone number . Consignee's name, street  address and phone number. 
Place an absorbent material on the bottom of the crate.

Puppy may not be exposed to temperatures of less than 45 degrees.
A Health Certificate must be issued by a Licensed veterinarian and be no more than 10 days old before puppy is to be shipped.
Puppy may not be brought to the airline, no more than 4 hours before the flight.

Puppies over 16 weeks must have a rabies vaccination certificate.
 A puppy less than 16 weeks of age must be offered food and water if transmitting  time is more than 12 hours.
Older puppies must have food and water at least every 24 hrs.

                                          DO NOT GIVE YOUR PET ANY SEDATION

Without your veterinarians approval giving sedation to your dog or puppy could be deadly.
Sedative in a pressurized compartment may be quite different than when your dog is at home.
Try to schedule a non stop flight and avoid heavy travel times. 

Kennel must be constructed of wood, metal, plastic or a similar material. Be leak-proof, escape-proof and the door must fasten securely.
Kennel door must be constructed of welded or cast metal. Plastic or top-opening doors are not allowed.
Be large enough for the animal to stand, sit and lie comfortably, and in a natural manner.
Be outfitted with separate food and watering dishes securely attached inside the kennel so that if necessary, the animal can be fed and watered without opening the kennel.
Be  clean, with no offensive odors and contain absorbent material or litter.
The use of straw, hay or wood shavings is prohibited.
Be free of wheels. If the kennel has wheels they should be removed or taped to prevent the kennel from rolling.
Be adequately ventilated. The total ventilated areas must be a minimum of 16 percent of the total surface area, including the door and three remaining sides.
Not be collapsible or foldable.
Cable ties will be attached to all four corners of the kennel door. American Airlines will provide these ties to the customer at no cost or the shipper may elect to provide their own ties or sealing mechanisms, provided they can be removed prior to screening without the use of tools.
Be marked with the words "live animal" on the top and one or more sides, in letters at least 1 inch high.
Animal Weigh      Animal Height          Kennel Type          Kennel Size          Kennel Weight          Kennel Coast
   (Pounds)             (Inches)                       Size                                                (Pounds)               Plus Local Tax

     18                         13                           100          21L X 16W X 15H           7LBS                      $45.00

     25                         17                           200          27L X 20W X 19H           13LBS                    $80.00

     70                         24                           400          36L X 24W X 26H          24LBS                     $95.00

     124                       28                           500          40L X 27W X 30H          32LBS                     $95.00